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InCepix is focused on aiding and furthering our understanding of biology to lead to a betterment of our shared condition.

Tools let us see more and accomplish more. Tools help us to understand more of the world around us.  Tools are what we bring with us when we set out to explore and to tackle the challenges in front of us.

InCepix is committed to bringing new tools for use in the work of improving mankinds understanding of our own intimate biology. With tools in our hands we set out to create a better life for all.

Our EVix tools provide researchers with a means to explore and decipher the complexity of extracellular vesicle biology

The new SurVeyix antibody plates are focused on identifying and phenotyping samples by antigen content providing over a hundred different antibodies in a simple to use format.  The antibody atlas focuses on human immune related cell surface molecules.



Extracellular Vesicles a Tiny Bit of Biology with a Big Impact

Outside of the cell is a busy place.  Recent findings are adding to the known complexities that are just outside of the cell membrane.

Cells both healthy and sick, under stress or during development, transformed or neoplastic, release particles into their environment.  These particles are varied and complex.   Vesicles are thought to be shed from cells, disgorged from endocytic vesicles, and possibly pinched off in virus like genesis.  The interior of cells is compartmentalized by various vesicle structures, the death of cells can lead also to the release of vesicles into the extracellular space.

Understanding the roles of the multitude of vesicles in this space will provide new  pathways to potential therapies and treatments  for a wide range of diseases and afflictions.

Why the hope?  It is because research is making clear that these vesicles can deliver powerful messages to other cells.  These vesicles may comprise a communication system between cells both near and far from each other.  A communication system that is involved in nearly all aspects of a cells life.


EVix Tools: Antigen Specific Capture and Detect

EVix tools provide monoclonal antibody capture of EVs.  The captured EVs can then be detected by selecting an appropriate detection antibody.

EVs can be captured by tetraspan specific antibodies.   Anti CD9, CD63, and CD81 appear to be prevalent on EVs, and can be detected on EVs larger than traditional exosomes but also on exosomes large and small.

The EVix HSTT assay is highly sensitive for quantitating tetraspan molecules in your EV preparations.  It can be used to evaluate EV amounts and to track EV populations during purification or isolation.  It has a fast assay time and can be used as a means of normalizing EV preparations for further characterization.  Functional assays that rely on NTA analysis for dosing can now be evaluated by a quantitative ELISA.

Anitgens which are not tetraspanins can also be used to capture EVs.  Detecting bound EVs can be done with anti tetraspanin antibodies as well as other non tetraspanin antibodies.  The new EVix Multi-Tope Assay provides a detailed fingerprint of your EV population, looking at over 115 unique antigenic markers.  Each marker is quantified and yields data for comparing between other EV preparations.

Antigen selection and detection reveals many EV associated cell surface proteins.  Each population of EVs has a distinct fingerprint regarding the types and amounts of antigen associated with them.  The EVix Single-Tope Assay provides even more insight into antigen presence and distribution of an EV population.  Antigen positive captured populations can be probed by biotinylated detection antibodies to assess the presence of multiple antigens and patterns of antigen expression within various EV populations can be tracked.

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SurVeyix Tools: See More and Screen More


It can be a daunting task to procure and assemble multiple reagents for a study.  We have monoclonal antibodies to more than a hundred human cell surface expressed molecules.  Most of these molecules are immune associated.  These antibodies are provided in individual wells at correct concentrations for cell staining, EV detection or other uses.

We want to make it easy for the researcher to track hundreds of molecules by immunochemistry.  Populations of cells can be easily incubated with hundreds of different antibodies using the new SurVeyix products.

Tracking the presence and expression levels of hundreds of surface molecules is now easily done.  Each individual biotinylated antibody can be tracked with streptavidin conjugates to make analysis straight forward by FACS analysis.

Similar to fingerprinting EV populations, it is now possible to carry out the same survey of relevant antigens on intact cells.  Screen more antigens.  See further.

Surveyix Antibody Panels

A plate of ready to use detection antibodies pre diluted and ready for antigen.  Surveyix antibodies provide a simple platform to screen cell populations, membrane preparations, and other biological samples.

A single plate with 96 different antibodies dispensed and preserved waiting for sample.  It is as simple as adding sample in a 100 ul volume and incubating.  Alternatively,reconstitute with buffer only  and transfer to the assay of your choice.  A single plate can screen 96 different antigens..  InCepix preserves and provides optimal antibody concentrations for each antibody in the individual wells of the SurVeyix plate.  Screen samples quickly and reproducibly for not just one or two unique antigens, but up to 115 different ones.

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Tools to see farther and do more.  Pick up our innovative tools and do great things.  Reach out and we will see farther and go further together.   

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