Tools for Antigen Capture and Detection

Our EVix tools are used to explore and decipher the complexity of extracellular vesicle biology (EV).  These specific antigen capture and detection tools are for quantitating and phenotyping EV preparations.

Use the High Sensitivity Tetraspan Tracking (HSTT) kit to follow tetraspan antigens in your EV preparations.  Extensively phenotype your EV preparations to uncover additional antigens with the Multi-Tope and Single-Tope kits.  Customize your antigen capture and selection strategies using the Selecta-Tope modules to isolate and further characterize your antigen phenotype.

Our SurVeyix tools allow screening of over 100 different antigens by putting biotinylated antibodies on your bench in a simple and easy to use format.  Screen an entire antibody atlas of immune related cell surface molecules using SurVeyix antibody plates.

Track tetraspan content in your EV Preparation

Capture CD9, CD63, and CD81 antigen positive EVs in your sample simultaneously.

Detect all captured CD9, CD63, and CD81 antigens with the tri antibody detection cocktail.

Highly sensitive ELISA based kit for standardizing EV preparations based on tetraspan antigen content.

Phenotype beyond tetraspan content

Anitgens which are not tetraspans can also be used to capture EVs.

The new EVix Multi-Tope Assay provides a detailed antigen fingerprint of your EV population.

Discover novel cell surface antigens associated with EV specific tetraspan antigens.


Discover unique EV populations

Single-Tope kits let the user screen for unique non tetraspan antigen combinations present in their EV preparations.

Build on antigen discovery within tetraspan positive EV populations.

Extensively phenotype antigen distributions in EV preparations.  Use to compare EV preparations during processing and qualification.


Characterize EV populations by tracking antigens

Selecta-Tope kits are module based to help the researcher further characterize EV preparations.

Select capture and detection antibodies and use the ELISA modules to further analyze EV function and properties.


SurVeyix Tools: See More

Track more than one hundred unique cell surface antigens.

Each well contains preserved biotinylated antibody ready for reconstitution .

Add cell suspension directly into well to begin antigen binding.  Detect with streptavidin secondary reagents of choice.

InCepix: Tools for Antigen Capture and Detection 

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