Who We Are

Tools provide leverage, efficiencies, and capabilities.  We can see farther using tools.  We can go further using tools.  At InCepix we are focused on creating tools for researchers for use in seeing farther and going further.

Tools for extracellularvesicle research are designed and developed to let us sort through the biology of extracellular vesicles (EVs).  Our antigen capture and detection tools allow us to track vesicles recovered in human fluid samples or cell culture supernatants.  Extensive phenotyping of vesicle populations provides insight into normal and abnormal vesicle biology.

Tools such as EVix ELISA kits and capture plates or beads allow specific populations of EVs to be assayed, captured and probed.  These tools can be used to track and validate EV processes from basic research to production.  Given the impact of EVs from a variety of cell types, it is anticipated the EVs will be administered in a number of trials.  Antigen profiling may become an important quality check in conjunction with nanoparticle analysis for any EV preparation.  Highly reproducible and sensitve EVix ELISA can provide this capacity.

Additional tools related to EV biology are under development, including alternative capturing molecules, payload analysis, and in vitro production of EV standards.

It is our mission to assist in the interpretation and implementation of complex biological systems to improve human conditions for all of us, each and everyone.  Our contribution is to provide the tools needed for research and discovery.