At InCepix we are focused on creating tools for research.  Tools that are antigen directed.  We offer kits which bring the power of over one hundred unique antibodies to screen and capture antigens.

Our EVix antigen capture and detection tools track and characterize vesicles recovered in human fluid samples or cell culture supernatants.  Extensive phenotyping of vesicle populations provides insight into normal and abnormal vesicle biology.

Antigen profiling is an important quality check in conjunction with nanoparticle analysis for any EV preparation. Highly reproducible and sensitve EVix ELISA kits provide this capacity.

Surveyix monoclonal antibody panels track over a hundered antigens in a simple to use and straight forward manner.  In contrast to micro arrays and other chip based systems, the SurVeyix approach is for everyone.  Reconstituion of the well contents is as simple as adding your working buffer or sample into the well.

Surveyix antibody is predispensed and preserved in individual microwells.  Simply add sample to the well to begin incubation.  Our biotinylated antibody preparations allow for flexibility in downstream detection.

We provide tools for research and discovery.  We are committed to the support of our products.  We will aid you in the use of our tools.  Reach out to us.

Tools aids us all in seeing farther and going further.