Anti-Human CD81 Capture / Anti-Human CD81 Detect (ELISA kit complete)

These ELISA kits come complete with all components to conduct 96 individual assays. Each kit comes with anti-human tetraspan antibody coated 96 well plate and sufficient detection antibody to assay 96 individual wells. These ELISA kits provide affinity capture of tetraspan positive EVs and detection of membrane associated tetraspan molecules which are retained along with the capture target. Bound biotinylated detection antibody is measured with Streptavidin conjugated Horse Radish Peroxidase conversion of TMB chromogen substrate at 450 nm. Kit includes all needed buffers, standards, biotinylated detection antibody, strep avidin horse radish peroxidase, detection chromagen and stop solution to run 96 single well assays. Select your capture and antibody combination from the individual kits below. These ELISA kits are a simple and sensitive method to track EVs in your experimental systems. Follow EV purification strategies, by monitoring and following tetraspan positive EVs quickly and with high sensitivity. Track in-vitro cell culture production of tetraspan positive EVs easily during culture to monitor time dependent or drug influenced tetraspan EV release.