Anti Human CD81 FITC Conjugated Ab

Following capture of EVs onto the EVix capture beads or onto the EVix capture plates, the presence of EVs can be detected by the binding of detection reagents to the captured EVs. Similar to a sandwich assay, the detection reagent binds to the same capture antigen or to a different distinct antigen. Depending on cell source, or biological source different capture and detect strategies can be used. Detection of different antigens simultaneously can be done on the EVix capture beads using the directly conjugated detection reagents. Although this does not allow for single exosome analysis, but rather the population captured on the bead, it does allow for phenotyping populations and changes in populations under experimental conditions.

Detection reagents are available either biotinylated, FITC conjugated, or PE conjugated. Each vial of detection reagent is sufficient to conduct 100 tests at optimum reagent concentration.