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EVix Capture Beads

EVix capture beads are 4 um latex beads optimally coated with anti-human tetraspan antibody. These beads bind specific tetraspan molecules found in many EVs and allow EVs to be pulled from solution and captured onto the beads. Captured EVs are detected by binding of specific anti-human tetraspan antibodies or other antibodies of choice. EVs attached to the capture beads can be further probed by any additional antibody desired.

EVix Capture beads allow for separation of EVs from complex biological solutions by simple centrifugation of the bead associated EVs from solution. EV contents can be probed further by downstream assays examining nucleic acid contents, cytokine contents, or any other EV parameter. Beads come in preservative buffer ready to use following a simple rinse protocol.

Purification of EVs away from biological fluids is possible using EVix capture beads. Following washing with centrifugation, one can process EVs attached to the beads for further downstream analysis.

Each EVix capture bead kit comes with sufficient beads to conduct 100 individual analyses by flow cytometry. Fluorescent detection antibodies are available separately and allow for easy flow cytometry protocols to phenotype EVs present in complex biological solutions. For example, hu CD63 expressing EVs can be captured on to EVix CD63 capture beads and probed for the simultaneous presence of CD9, CD63 and CD81 using the directly conjugated fluorescent detection antibodies. Captured EVs can also be probed for the presence of other protein antigen besides the tetraspans through the use of other directly conjugated fluorescent antibodies specific for molecule of choice. A wide range of anti human direct fluorescent conjugated antibodies are available. Beads are provided with full instructions to maximize experimental signals on flow cytometry.

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