Petaka G3 Cell Culture Device

Introducing the Petaka Cell Culture Device

We are very excited to introduce the Petaka G3 from Celartia to you. This product line has unlimited potential to transform your cell culture work. At InCepix we understand the difficulty in moving to a new and different platform. We are confident that once you have experienced and understand the underlying principles of the Petaka systems you will use them as the starting point for your future cell culture work.

The Petaka G3 provides numerous benefits for all cell culture, but can be uniquely advantageous for certain areas such as iPSC and differentiated progeny. The Petaka G3 provides the researcher with the ability to conduct experiments at physiological oxygen pressures for many different cell types.

The Petaka G3 cell culture system provides:

  • Regulated Gas Transfer: Provides physiological oxygen pressures for a wide variety of cell types.
  • Replenishment of consumed oxygen is regulated by the DRS (Ducted Respiratory System) of the Petaka G3 chamber, and by the media handling protocol.
  • Petaka G3 chambers are available in 2 different variants. A HOT (High Oxygen Tension) and LOT (Low Oxygen Tension) variant are available.
  • Compact design reduces wasted volume in incubator, store room, and transportation. Green is good.
  • Reduced plastic resin use by nearly 1/2 compared to a standard T75 flask.
  • Prefill Petaka G3 chambers with media and store in ready to inoculate condition in refrigerator to stream line culture protocols.

The above features are just some of the benefits that the Petaka G3 cell culture device provides. We would love to get one in your hands for you to see for yourself the revolutionary design and additional features. Let us demo this device with you the smart way. We will ship a working device to your laboratory and at your convenience lead you or your technicians through the operation and features by phone. In effect we will train you and your team in the use of the Petaka G3 cell culture device at your facility on your schedule. We believe having the device in your hands while we talk will be the inception of discovery for us both.