SurVeyix Pre-dispensed Biotinylated Antibody Plates

Research Use Only Not for Diagnostic Use

Examine antigen phenotypes on cells or other biological samples simply with plates of predispensed and preserved monoclonal antibodies. Each well contains preserved antibody that when diluted in 100 ul of sample or buffer will yield working concentration of antibody to bind to antigen on cell surface or in other preparations. The predispensed antibody plates allow for surveying or screening hundereds of antigens without the labor involved in ordering and diluting hundreds of antibodies for each assay. SurVeyix microwell plates come ready for use. The plate map identifies each well and corresponding antibody. Add 100 ul of cell suspension or other sample type directly to the well and the antibody is reconstituted to a working concentration of 2 ug/ml. The biotinylated antibody panels contain biotinylated monoclonal antibodies which can be captured or detected by streptavidin reagents.

InCepix pre-dispensed biotinylated antibody plates allow for deep phenotyping of cells via flow cytometry.  Samples can be directly added to the SurVeyix plate and incubated prior to transfer to individual flow tubes for washing and secondary staining.  Wide coverage of surface expressed molecules with a focus on immunological species is provided in our first SurVeyix plates.  Future plates are anticipated focusing on additional surface molecules.

Plate Map for SurVeyix Pre-Dispensed Biotinylated Antibody Plate SVX-001 (115 antibodies) is shown below.  Each well is identified by location and antibody content.  For detailed performance specifications of each antibody please consult the listing below which links catalogue number to each antibody.  Going to the Ancell catalogue and entering the catalogue number in the search field will yield detailed information for each antibody.

Antibodies are predispensed into 96 well tissue culture plates in a proprietary preservative which preserves antibody activity during storage at 4 C.  Reconstitution of active antibody occurs with addition of sample.  For example for flow cytometry, cells suspended in FACs binding buffer can be added directly into the plate wells.  Each well receives a total of 100 ul of sample which reconstitutes antibody to a working concentration in each well.

  • Look for more than 115 surface antigens in a single assay

    Screen cells, membrane preps, EVs for presence of 115 antigenic epitopes. 

  • Reproducible

    Assay multiple samples with high sensitivity and reproducible results.  

  • Compare transcripts to actual protein

    Screen transcripts and compare to actual protein presence on membrane surfaces

  • Efficient

    A simple assay yields both confirmatory but also quantitative values for the presence of 115 antigens.

  • Compare differences populations

    Quantify unique antigen profiles associated between different samples and clinical conditions.  The absence or presence of antigens can be distinctive and related to  sources and conditions.  Patterns can be tracked quickly to identify target molecule differences.

  • Quick

    The Surveyix plates preserves 115 antibodies in individual wells which can be used in a single assay.  Multiple plates can be easily run to accommodate more samples or experimental conditions.  

  • Test entire atlas of immune associated surface molecules

    The current SurVeyix plates contain a collection of immune associated antibodies which detect epitopes expressed on the cell surface and can also be detected on EVs and membrane preparations.

  • Target protein/peptide epitopes

    Unlike transcripts the SurVeyix plates allow for detection of functioning epitopes unique to each antibody.  In conjunction with transcript analysis, powerful screening of cellular responses and different populations is possible.

Catalog SU-001

115 Wells